Family Zoo Package

Our Dublin Zoo Package includes a one-day Dublin Zoo pass, one-night accommodation, and breakfast for two adults & two children under 12 years.

As one of Ireland’s oldest, yet more contemporary zoos, the zoo measures over 28 hectares and is home to some 400 animals. The zoo aims to increasingly create habitats and combine species such as their African Savannah to create a more realistic, natural experience for their animals and an even more exciting one for their visitors.

Dublin Zoo is home to all animals all around the world and can be seen in outdoor and outdoor habitats through the zoo, such as their Sea Lion Cove, which houses Dublin Zoo’s Californian seals. Their home is inspired by their natural habitat and features a deep saltwater pool and viewing area which gives visitors a spectacular view of the sea lions swimming underwater.

Other habitats available at the zoo include

African Savanna
Family Farm
Kaziranga Forest Trail
Gorilla Rainforest
Roberts House
House of Reptiles
South American House
Asian Forests
Orangutan Forest
Sea Lion Cove

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat during your visit to Dublin Zoo, there are several cafes and kiosks serving tasty sandwiches, coffees, pizza, ice cream and more. View the Dublin Zoo map on your arrival for locations.

During your visit, make sure to stop in to the unique Meerkat Restaurant, where you can watch the meerkats while you enjoy in your meal. The Meerkat Restaurant has a wide range of offerings to suit all tastes.

Within Dublin Zoo there are two gift shops featuring a selection of gifts and treats for you to take home as a souvenir of your time at the zoo. You will also find exclusive merchandise featuring Dublin Zoo’s animals, soft toys, t-shirts, books and much more. All profits from these purchases will go to the upkeep of Dublin Zoo.

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